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 Our advantages

Lifetime more than 20 years at work 12 hours a day — we use only high quality components!

— CE certificate!

Prices and discounts — you always can to agree with us!


Аttention! For customers who bought our products outside companies (Amax Company Ltd, JMP Trade Corporation, etc ..), we offer certificates, name plates, service, technical assistance, warranty  and post-warranty service and hospitality! 

Choose for yourself the best!

5-year warranty

for all energy-saving products
lifetime more than 50 000 hours continuous work
Easy to choose, easy to use
Without spending in the operation
  • Bought, hanged, forgot!

Why you should choose us

8 main reasons-

Low power consumption in comparison to traditional light sources:

from 2 to 10 times

Lifetime more than 50 000 hours continuous operation in a wide range of temperatures:

from 40°C to + 60°C

QUALITY VERIFIED BY TIME: 5 years of work produced and sold more than 20,687 units of energy-saving products

Power factor more 0,9

Оwn production with a system of quality control at all stages of the regular staff training on international standard ISO 9001/2008

The European quality: Contour – one of the few Russian companies which have СЕ certificates

High-tech production: a great experience of design development. Qualified staff are working closely with experts leading world manufacturers

The reliability and mechanical strength: Every detail and LED have EU certificates


By our lights your job maximize safely and comfortably

  • without spending waste disposal 1st class of danger (DRL400 and fluorescent lamps contains mercury!);
  • without time expenses for starting,

At the same time the color coefficients > 80 at neutral white light

By our fitolamp your plants really

really grow and feel good


It has no analogues

  Now the company produces more than 10 basic models of lighting products for different applications. Each of them has from 2-to 8 modifications. It allows do complex maintenance lighting any projects.

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Lamps come to your door!

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